Digital Marketing Strategies for Valentines Day

6 Digital Marketing Tips To Rose Above Your Competitors This Valentine’s Day…

/ / Latest Digital Marketing News, Search Marketing, Social Media Marketing / 11 February 2020

Unsure how to woo your consumers into converting this V-Day? No need to crush yourself over it, we have 6 top tips to ensure your marketing is ahead of the date. 🌹

1. Let users produce your creative for you! – Utilise user-generated content (UGC) to find any ‘love’ centered content around your brand on social media. Users live to share, so employ posts that your community has tagged you in and request permission to repurpose, from a brand perspective.

2. Tap into trending #hashtags – There are great websites for researching hashtags. Find what is trending for Valentine’s Day, and include them in your content to extend your reach and tap into trending conversations.

3. Everyone LOVES free things… – Run a socially led competition, asking the community to tag the brand or use your hashtag to enter. Give away a relevant prize, and have the entry mechanics revolve around celebrating your love story. Try to tie the communication strategy into something that the brand represents or stands for.

4. Tell your story –  If there’s one thing we have learned from community management, it’s that people LOVE to share personal stories. Prompt them to share a great memory in the comments or to answer an emotionally provocative question.

5. The perfect date is data! – Analyse your previous data from Valentines gone by, then build your strategy around it. Unlike blind dates, our historical analytics data means we know all about our target audience (not in a creepy way!) so we can tailor messaging and creative, increase bids or even exclude an audience. Everyone has a ‘type’ and by using historical data, we can ensure that a campaign targets the right users at the right time to orchestrate the perfect match!

6. Last-minute buyers – Grab the attention of those last-minute purchasers by creating a sense of urgency. 93% of males buy Valentine’s Day gifts, at the last-minute (this isn’t a real stat but we all know it’s true), so it is imperative that you cater to these flailing fellas. Influence them to purchase when they might not have been planning to. You’re basically doing them a solid right? As most retailers have delivery cut-off dates, utilise tools like Countdown Ads (within Google Ads) to create urgency around these dates and increase the likelihood of conversion. When an individual is casually browsing potential gifts online, seeing that the delivery cut off date is one day away can influence them in splashing some cash. Let’s drive up those conversion rates!

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