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Nestled in the High-Country of NSW, Thredbo is Australia’s premiere ski resort. Open 365 days a year, the resort is home to the country’s longest ski runs, best mountain bike trails and incredible hikes. It’s beautiful alpine village is situated in a picturesque valley in the heart of the famous Kosciuszko National Park.

In 2019, Thredbo approached us with the goal of increasing visitation during their summer period and establish Thredbo as a true all-year-round ski resort. This involved developing a campaign and creative rebrand that featured Thredbo’s summer offering and differentiated itself as a unique and exciting summer destination.


We began by identifying the unique elements of Thredbo and it’s summer activities to help develop our overarching creative concept. This involved deep diving into the culture at Thredbo, exploring it’s wide array of activities and it’s natural environment. Alongside this, we took completed an in-depth digital health check, looking at historical performance. This was crucial to establish key audience segments, and to strategically structure our campaign and drive personalised messaging through our creative and copy.


We developed a strong brand identity for summer, that revolved around Thredbo’s unique location and features that were sure to make any summer activity extraordinary. The slogan “Peak Your Adventure” was chosen as the overall message for the campaign – capitalising on the fact that Mt. Kosciuszko is the highest ‘peak’ in Australia, along with the obvious connotations with ‘peak’ as a reference to adventure. This creative concept was then tweaked across each digital channel, to cater to our core audiences being: Outdoor Adventure Enthusiasts, Health & Wellness Enthusiasts and Families. Our campaigns were then built around these 3 audiences to eliminate cross-contamination and ensure consistent messages were delivered to each audience, at all times. This hyper-segmentation across our omni-channel campaign produced some fantastic results, acquiring new customers and firmly establishing Thredbo as an exciting summer destination.

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