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What is Dispo?

In a time when most things feel edited, filtered or a little too perfect – let’s call it the Kardashian-Effect – along comes an app that shows things as they actually are. Dispo.

Dispo, is a new photo-sharing app that allows users to take photos like people once did on a disposable camera. The great thing about it is, just like a disposable camera, you have to wait for your pictures to ‘develop’ at 9AM the following day. (Do people even have that patience anymore?!) At which point they will appear in your roll on the app as raw and unfiltered as the moment they were captured. How crazy does that sound?!

Like Clubhouse, Dispo was an invite-only app. That was until yesterday when the app opened up to all users. Go get it! 

The features are simple, not basic. You can zoom, there is a flash and you can take a regular photo or a selfie – that’s it! “But where can I filter my photo so it no longer actually looks like me?”, you can’t, that’s the beauty of it. 

The Background 

Dispo was created by YouTuber and all-round social influencer David Dobrik. Dobrik first found fame through Vine (RIP brethren) and has since amassed a huge following across YouTube (18.9m), TikTok (23m), and Instagram (14.3m). This gives him an enviable platform on which to spread the good word of Dispo. But, is there demand I hear you ask? Well, on Feb 23rd Dispo was the 4th most downloaded app on the AppStore. Something that shouldn’t be overlooked. 

Will Dispo develop or be forgotten in a drawer along with the likes of Google Plus, YikYak, Vine? 

2021 has already given us Clubhouse, but can Dispo replicate the hysteria? Right now, it’s too early to tell. Opening up the platform to the masses feels a little too early. The hype was being built, firstly off the reanimated retro idea, but also from the exclusivity, which now is no longer the case. We’d expect new features to come along over the course of 2021 to keep up with the big boys, so watch this space. But for now, it’s definitely a fun, creative way to engage users, especially younger ones who may not even know what a disposable camera is – cue feeling old and general back-ache. 

Author, Luke Wilson, Senior Social Media Specialist

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