How To Keep A Creative Mindset During A Pandemic

How To Keep A Creative Mindset When Life Feels Like Groundhog Day

/ / Creative, Latest Digital Marketing News / 19 April 2020

“I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination” Jimmy Dean.

Well, most of us can certainly relate to this, thanks to the hard, and uncertain times we are living in. The world as we know it has changed, most of our plans have fallen apart, and we are living in completely new and challenging situations. However, it is how we react to adversity that defines us. 

That is why the ability to act and think creatively is more important than ever before. The way I see this situation is that the world is giving us an opportunity to reinvent ourselves, the way we think and the way we view the world. Somewhere along the way, it seems like, as a society, we had all forgotten to pause, doubt and play again in life, which for me is core to creativity as a whole.


All these years we have been working 24/7, determined to pursue our dreams, we haven’t slowed down because it just feels wrong to stop, right? But the world has changed, and the time is now to hit the pause button. To take time to think naturally, to contemplate, to look at our own world outside the office and from our home. To recharge our energies, and find some time for stillness and reflection. It is time to reevaluate our priorities and adjust our focus and goals.
Pause to reevaluate.


Times are very uncertain, and doubt is a key element in our conscious and subconscious thoughts to unlock new ideas. Doubt encourages divergent thinking and pushes us forward to strive for high standards. It’s time to critically think about old and new ideas because maybe, the best ones are yet to be discovered. Doubt can lead you to choose to become fearless in taking risks and trying new things, and can take you places you’ve never seen before.
Doubt to overcome.


The most powerful tool that humans have is the imagination, a beautiful skill better than any computer can give you. It is because of the imagination that humans have excelled beyond any other species. It is time to open our minds to reconnect and play with our imagination again. By staying playful, we make the most out of every situation and our inner child has the freedom to move again. Play is an essential ingredient of creativity; it boosts productivity and helps explore new perspectives to problem solving. Wake up the inner child, experiment and try new things.
Play to create.

… and reflect.

New and challenging situations help shape us, not only as people, but shape our mindsets and therefore the decisions we make every day. What distinguishes success from failure, is the way we actually view both. Failing at something, in creative terms, can actually be the most successful thing you do as it can show you what will work best, or lead you to the brightest spark of a solution yet. How we deal with the unexpected, yet inevitable difficulties that occur in all areas of our life is what makes us more resilient and more resourceful. We will never go through life having everything easily handed to us. We should always refer back to times of hardship, where we worked through to reaffirm to ourselves that we can do it again.

It is time now to pause to reevaluate, doubt to overcome and play to create in order to make the present moment a gift. All we have is the present moment after all (yes, that’s a nod to Echart Toile).

Creativity is all around us, so stay curious and you will find inspiration everywhere. Some famous creatives say that the best ideas came to them while simply in the shower. So, now that we’re all working from home, if you’re stuck for ideas or find yourself at a brick wall, better go jump in that shower!

Words by Carolina Latorraca, Digital Content Producer

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