Move Over Budweiser, Super Bowl 2021 Is For A New Gen Of Brands Thriving In The Pandemic.

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It’s nearly Super Bowl time, or as I like to call it, The American Festival of Advertising. 

This year, however, Budweiser – the main attraction 37 years running – will not be advertising.

They claim the money is better spent promoting the vaccination drive. So they’re giving it to the Ad Council to help.

Worthy and probably true. However, since making the announcement, some estimate it’s generated twice as much earned media as any ad they’ve ever created. Smart.

The above graph shows the US searches of Budweiser since the announcement.

But there’s something bigger happening this year. Something that’s been long in the making.  It’s taken a pandemic to knock the Super Bowl stalwarts off their perch, making way for a new generation. Will they keep the tradition of awesome creative alive?  Let’s hope so!

As Budweiser, Coke, Hyundai and Pepsi take a break, in pour a new era of brands, like Fiverr, DoorDash and Chipotle to fill the creative and financial void. These are the brands who’s revenue and share prices have grown phenomenally as a result of COVID.

The Fiverr (a freelance platform) CMO nailed it when he said ‘The Super Bowl is a reflection of the world as it looks now’.  

The spectacle still draws in around 100 Million viewers (not bad for a dying medium (Sorry kids, TV isn’t dying, it’s just changing) and brands spend an average of $5.25m USD for a 30-second spot during the championship, according to Kantar consultancy.

Kantar’s research suggests Super Bowl ads are “typically 20 times more effective” in changing a brand’s perception than a normal advert. So you can see why a new gen of brands experiencing high growth are keen to take advantage of this huge opportunity to generate even more demand. 

Words by David Kennedy, Managing Partner

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