Influencer Marketing

By utilising a network of micro-influencers, we achieve social cut-through and reach new audiences in an authentic way 

Influencer Marketing is a sensation that is continuing to boom into 2018 and beyond. Micro-influencers (under 100K followers) tend to have a far stronger pull amongst their communities and attract higher engagement rates compared to macro-influencers (100K + followers). Our micro-influencer marketing service allows us to help our clients reach new audiences, in an authentic way and generate #hotcontent to use multi-channel.

Our team are experts in what content works best across social. When influencers post branded content for our clients, we are able to analyse performance and then amplify with spend across owned channels. It’s A/B testing at it’s best, and it drives real results whilst also allowing brands to be exposed to new audiences.


Stage 1: Onboarding

This stage focuses on creating the brief and moodboard, getting sign off from the client on creative direction and then launching the project with Tribe.

Stage 2: Analysing

This stage sees our team analyse the influencers creative ideas and profiles (to make sure they are on brand), getting client sign off on the chosen influencers and giving the go ahead to the successful candidates.

Stage 3: Evaluation & Amplification

Evaluate influencer posts across their socials (including likes, comments, reactions, shares) and if approved by the client, amplify the content across the brand’s socials. We also have the option at this stage to purchase the rights to the images for wider marketing initiatives (ie. website, EDM’s, OOH etc).

Stage 4: Tracking & Reporting

We track the positive impacts of influencer marketing activity during the campaign, as well as post-campaign. Channels we measure include the influencer’s socials, the client’s socials, as well as increases in traffic to our client’s website (and conversions of course!). Key learnings are established in preparation for future activity.

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